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I'd like to sincerely thank the following for helping make this possible: All of my previous customers from when the manual was first published back in 1992. Your letters of praise
and thanks after receiving your manual let me know that this was a good product at a fair price. It was the inspiration to save all of the old text and update it to its present form.

All my friends at; without your encouragement this book would not have seen its second edition.  You guys are THE BEST!!

All of the Engineers, Designers and all other persons, past and present, that are associated with the development and enjoyment of these great vehicles. Also to all the enthusiasts everywhere who love these cars.

To my wife, Harriet, for the skill, devotion and PATIENCE in designing and setting my scores of pages of hand-scribbled text into a presentable and professional appearing manual.

To my friend, John Hoedeman, for your skill, patience and friendship in setting up and developing my website.

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