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Streetwize Stage IV: Stroker Motors (Coming soon)

Learn the keys to building your own big and small block stroker motor. For many cars like vintage A bodies a 340 or 360 based 408+" stroker can make a lot more sense and a better practical motor than swapping in a larger/heavier big block. In a B or E body, a 493-511" B or RB motor can give you 440-451" race motor type ET/MPH in a very streetable and extremely FUN TO DRIVE mildly geared package. Learn all of the how-to's involved in a stroker build-up, as well as the how's and whys in a properly conceived and built big-arm motor that can give you the best of both worlds...race motor caliber performance combined with great, drive-anywhere street manners.

Individualized Services: (available now-please contact for more information)

For a small and very reasonable fee, I can give you personalized "one-on-one" performance combination assistance. How it works is this: I will E-mail you a basic data sheet that you can fill out and return to me. After some time for thoroughly reviewing it, I will provide you with a completely detailed performance combination tailor-made for the particular engine/drivetrain/body combo and budget you wish to build your car around. If I have any questions, I'll e-mail you for clarification, as I said this is not an "off-the-shelf" type service, this is strictly between you, me and your dream car. I do not retail any parts, so I have no commercially driven reason or interest in steering you toward one product or another; What I can provide to you is sound, straight-up advice on what I might recommend to help you meet your performance goals. One mismatched component can result in a lot of lost performance, so for less than 1/2 the price of one of those parts, I can help you formulate a personalized recipe that will meet and hopefully exceed your expectations.

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