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If you are a classic era (~1962 to 1974) Mopar lover, you've found the home of the real-deal, straight-up, no-bull and hard to the core technical information about on how to build and tune your 60s-70s vintage Chrysler, Dodge or Plymouth into a super quick, super fast Mopar street stormer!

    Seven bucks won't buy you much
    these days...

    A couple gallons of gas; a six
    pack, and not even a lousy movie

    But for only $7.00, you can own:


This manual gives you super detailed info on not only WHAT WORKS, But goes into the details of WHY it works. It can also help you to avoid the pitfalls of the all-too common mistake of building too much of a Drag Race oriented motor; The manual goes into the specifics of properly setting a car up for dual purpose (street/strip) use, and the hows and whys it must be significantly different from that of a race-only motor. It details and explains how your compression, induction, cam timing, exhaust flow and gearing all have to work together to make a strong running combination. The different Power/Performance levels are all included, (click on the links to learn more). No mixing and matching, just the facts on how to coordinate the components so that they all work together properly to give you the optimum horsepower and torque for the money you invested in your car.

The manual is written by Bobby McDowall, AKA 'Streetwize', a 25 year veteran of building and restoring Mopar Muscle Cars. 'Wize, as he's known to his many friends, can often be found hanging out with his Mopar Buddies on, his favorite Mopar website and one of the best and most popular Mopar related sites on the internet. It was on the encouragement of Bobby's many Mopar brothers all over the country and even the far-reaches of the world that this site is a reality and the STREETWIZE PERFORMANCE Manual is again available.

Bobby originally published the first edition of the manual in 1992 and is was advertised in Mopar Action Magazine. After getting lots of support from his Moparts buddies, his family and other friends, he has updated the original manual and has made it available for downloading right off the web. Sticking with Wize's 'Bang for the Buck' philosophy, seven dollars offers you many times it's purchase price in High-Performance technical information and tips that will help you build a strong-running, fast and reliable performance package for your vintage Mopar.

SO WHY WAIT? The STREETWIZE PERFORMANCE Manual is just what you've been looking for if you want no-nonsense, straight to the point, solid 'Bang for the Buck' information on how to make your vintage Chrysler, Dodge or Plymouth quicker and faster, and probably for a lot less than you ever thought possible. Order yours today!

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